Winner of the Trial World Championship in Trial 2, with the British rider Toby Martyn and World Runner-up in Trial GP with Adam Raga for the sixth time in a row, the TRRS RR has established itself as the most competitive motorcycle of the moment.

White & Red, this is how this model can be defined, racing, with personality and elegancy, it will not go unnoticed.

The RR is synonymous of racing success around the world and is aimed at particularly demanding riders who appreciate high performance, exclusivity and top performance.

TRS Motorcycles: FIM Trial Manufacturers World Champions 2021.

Concerning the frame, the position of the steering head angle has been modified, as well as the heat treatment process, reducing stresses and improving dimensions. These changes increase agility and provide better handling to the riders. Added to the optimal stiffness and unmatched feel that characterize TRRS innovative frame.

At the bottom, the new rubber for the protection of the crankcase has substantially increased its resistance against possible impacts.

In the intake part for the filter box, we have designed a new drain flap that improves drainage when both, water and mud are abundant on the ground. In addition, the improvement in the air filter spring improves its positioning.

The front fork has new settings and gold stanchion tube, this time equips black lower leg that combine with machined and anodized triple clamp in the same color.

There are many novelties that continue to strengthen the identity of the brand. Among others, the new throttle cover and the elastic strap for the kill switch, both with the TRRS logo.

The electrical installation mounts a new protector for the regulator connector, which improves protection against the projection of water and mud. This system feeds the cooling which is managed by the reliable electronic temperature sensor together with an efficient 134mm fan.

In the damping system, a more reinforced ball joint is added which increases the duration and reduces free play.

In the exhaust system, it uses a new forged support at the front, which keeps the titanium exhaust curve fixed with more Racing characteristics.

The black anodized rims with white hubs combine with the new design of the bike as a whole.

The new graphics harmonize the new RR 2022 on the highest level of the competition field.