Barcelona will host the facilities of the new motorcycles Factory TRS Motorcycles, S.L.

TRS Motorcycles, whose main activity will consist on designing, producing and distributing world wide trial motorcycles
Barcelona will host the facilities of the new motorcycles Factory TRS Motorcycles, S.L.

 Under the commercial name of TRS, forecasts to reach with in the first three years a turnover of 6.000.000 eur and a  team integrated by 15 people, as well as completing on a second step its product  range developing other kind of motorcycles, always off road.

TRS has become a reality thanks to both, the initiative and the strenght of its four partners, Jordi Tarrés, the famous trial rider seven times world champion and the father of JOTAGAS, Ricardo Novel, a business man  from Barcelona who currently  participates seven companies whose business is directly linked  to logistics, spare  parts and other industrial processes always in relation to the automotive industry, who  has  seen  on TRS  the  opportunity  of  continuing  his  plans  to  support  the construction of a solid and innovative industrial  tissue in Barcelona, Marc Arañó, who  has  large  experience  on  the  two  wheels  business,  being  part  and  leading several international projects on companies such as Derbi (Piaggio Group), Gas Gas Motos  and  Jotagas,  and  Josep  Borrell,  businessman  who  manages  several investment funds and whose passion for motorcycles led him to invest personally and recently with in last six years in companies such as Gas Gas and JTG.

TRS was officially established in 2013 and plans to start the production of its first model  in  three  displacements  (250,  280  and  300  cc)  end 2014  as  well  asdeveloping new displacements with in the 2015.TRS  will  have  the production  facilities  in  Barcelona,  as  well  as  Research, developement  and  innovation;  in  terms  of  sports, has  forecasted  a progressive participation on that field linked to the consolidation of the business.

Jordi Tarrés: our goal is  to  have a good bike and our priority to ensure a  good service, we have established a good team in which I trust and that makes me feel very comfortable; we have  managed  to  met  everything  we need  to  make  out  of  TRS  a  reliable  company  in  the market that everyone can trust in the short, medium and long term