Presence of TRS on all podiums at Motegi

Finishing a tough Japan GP with presence of TRS on podiums of all categories
Presence of TRS on all podiums at Motegi

The Japan GP is always special. The environment, the public, the sections and the geography of the terrain make this race an important event, where besides, unlike the races in Europe, 40 points are distributed on the same weekend.

Friday was the qualifying session, where both Adam Raga and Marc Riba had problems. For that reason they had to leave in the group of ahead, beginning the race both days without hardly observing of its rivals.

This detail was decisive for the development of the first day of the race. The rain fell on the previous day complicated the sections and modified the references that had the pilots in the first revision of the sections. Raga, who was ahead, found some sections more broken than their rivals. The fifth position of this first day was not the expected place, but the result, to only three points of the podium, did leave a good image effort of Adam Raga and all the equipment.

On the second day of the race, with the dry terrain, race conditions were much more better for the first group of riders. Raga was disputing the victory to Bou to the last section thanks to a brilliant second passage through the sections, being finally to only two points of the winner.

In Trial2 our best classified on saturday was Luca Petrella, while Riba managed to enter into the "top 15", followed by Obradò and Haga, less correctly, was twentieth.
Everything got better on sunday. Riba, like Raga, was in front with easier terrain and his spectacular second lap was worth to get his first podium in the category at the controls of the TRRS RR 250. Petrella was eleventh and Haga, improving, thirtieth. Obradò was nineteenth, signing a spectacular second pass through the sections.

Great news on Trial125. Eric Miquel, debutant this season in the world championship, obtained a double podium for the TRRS One 125, a motorcycle that just released in competition and will soon be available in the dealerships.

The next race of the World Championship will be on June 18 in Andorra.