TRRS GOLD 2020 / 2021

TRRS GOLD 2020 / 2021 TRRS GOLD 2020 / 2021 Extremely aggressive and innovative.   The new TRRS GOLD brings the latest touch to a long way of evolution and marks the beginning of a new concept focused on the search for maximum performance. New components that enhance its sporty character and best finished details, optimize its performance and are incorporated in the most exclusive version. Many years of work, exchanging opinions constantly with our riders, listening to them and interpreting their feelings to improve each one of the components of the bike. On this occasion, the lightest motorcycle in its category, will be as well available with electric start, becoming so, the best option for both, experts and amateur riders looking for comfort. Engine: Mechanized cylinder head with temperature sensor: Provides much more precision and reliability to the cooling system and allows changing the temperature regime from the CDI. Racing coil: Designed to obtain better combustion by lengthening the spark time of the spark plug. Engine support design: Improves vibrations and facilitates assembly. Frame: The filter box made entirely of carbon as well as the fender support, continue to characterize this limited series of only 150 units. The TRRS aluminum machined footrests, totally exclusive for the GOLD model, enhance the complete set due to its design, lightness and grip. Foot rest support 10 mm threaded screw. Suspensions: The new GOLD is equipped with a 3-track REIGER Hydrostop damper with a completely new setting that stands out for its great sensitivity, coming from the settings used by Adam Raga. The TECH Gold front suspension incorporates a new adjustment, while the electric start version mounts the aluminum TECH Ø39mm, 175mm travel and setting Racing. Brakes: Concerning brakes, like its predecessors, the highest range of Braktec continues to be assembled on this Gold, a CNC front caliper, adjustable brake pump and clutch with machined covers, a rear brake pump with an included oil tank is also incorporated. Components: On this occasion, the new GOLD arrives with an even more sporty “look”, also transferring the “Racing” yellow to the rims and providing the clutch and ignition covers with new colors. This new limited edition of 150 TRS units will be available in the distribution network from next May in all its displacements, 300, 280, 250 & 125 cc.


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